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Mysterious Egg-Shaped Objects Over Mexico

UFOs can take many shapes and sizes. The variety of alleged alien crafts is almost as large as the variety of alien species supposedly inhabiting those crafts. Since the 1970s, strange egg-shaped objects have been spotted in the skies over Mexico. These objects range in size from about the size of a common household refrigerator to the size of two football fields. Following is a survey of the most famous Mexican sightings of egg-shaped UFOs. The listeners and viewers can make up their mind as to what these objects are and why they are being seen in the skies over Mexico.

One of the earliest recorded sightings of an egg-shaped UFO in the skies over Mexico happened on May 13, 1977, at around 1:00 in the afternoon in the far northwestern part of the valley of Mexico on the shores of a reservoir called Lake Guadalupe. The reservoir has many small peninsulas, and the two witnesses – two brothers – were walking along the shores of one of the peninsulas when they looked up and saw an ovoid object in the sky. Here is part of the eyewitness testimony given to UFO researchers 26 years after the incident.

“It appeared to go off in the distance 100 yards or so depending on its size. It looked like it was matching our speed until we stopped, and it continued slowly moving along. It disappeared behind a tree and when we tried to see where it went it was gone without a trace. I am convinced I saw a UFO. I, however, believe that UFO means Unidentified Flying Object and not little green men in a spaceship.”

The next major sighting of an egg-shaped UFO in Mexico happened on January 28, 1998, in the small central Mexican state of Aguascalientes. In a small rancho near a place called San Antonio de los Pedroza, about 10 miles northeast of the state’s capital city, a man and his two sons were burning electrical cables. Suddenly, an oval object appeared in the sky about 1,500 feet away from them. It looked like a big egg floating in the sky and made no noise. One of the eyewitnesses stated to a Mexican UFO researcher that he thought that their burning of the cables is what attracted the object to them. It hovered and moved slowly across the sky. The lack of any sound was unnerving to them and the most amazing thing to all three witnesses is that the floating egg changed colors. It eventually floated upward to an altitude that made it not visible to the naked eye. In the late 1990s in rural Mexico there was still a stigma associated with UFO sightings, so the story of this strange egg in the sky only came out nearly 6 years later when one of the boys who saw the object decided to speak out.

For the next story of an egg-shaped UFO, we go to none other than one of the largest cities on earth, Mexico City. This encounter happened on the morning of November 15, 2002. The witness was driving his car on Mexico City’s “Periférico,” which is a peripheral loop road that goes around the Federal District. In the southwestern section of the road, while in his car the driver saw an egg-shaped object appear over the mountains. The craft was gray, and it appeared as if it changed its shape briefly from a sphere and then to a flatter disc-like object before going back to the ovoid form. It moved rapidly across the sky, taking a second to get from one end of the mountains to the other. It would then hover and blink out until it just disappeared. The driver of the car said he saw the same object about a minute or so later seeming to float over a different part of the Mexico City loop road. Suddenly, it catapulted itself in the air and was never seen again.

From Mexico’s monstrous metropolis we head off to a sleepy Mexican fishing town on the Baja Peninsula overlooking the beautiful warm waters of the Sea of Cortez, also called the Gulf of California. Known to southern California sport fisherman as “L.A. Bay,” Bahia de los Angeles is a famous regional recreation spot, attracting many Americans who go down there to kayak, windsurf and game fish. On July 6, 2003, two Americans reported seeing an egg-shaped UFO in the night sky. Following is written eyewitness testimony from that hot July evening:

“The object was from three to four miles due east of Camp Geck, an area known as Rincón. Because of knowing the area well, the elevation was approximately 2,500 feet and we were 3 ½ miles west of the object in question. The object had a glow that was between blue and green somewhat the same as chemical light sticks that can bought for camping.  All of the object glowed and the size was many times larger than a house because at the distance we saw it, a house is only a small dot but this must have been as large as two football fields, maybe larger. It went through the gap in the mountain known as Sierra Rojo and then disappeared. This all happened just before dark, which I must estimate as being from 8:30 to 9:00 pm and I did not check for the exact time. The one thing that struck both me and my wife was that while seeing it, we both felt like we were in a daze. There was one other person there, but it was as if whatever we saw prevented us in some way from saying anything to the other while it was in view. Compared to other things that we have seen in the night sky; we were able to watch it for a much longer time, maybe 5 minutes but no longer than 10.  From what I am able to find out from some of the Mexican fishermen is that during the warmer months of June, July, August and September, these lights seem to appear about once a month a little south of our location.”

A few months later, up the peninsula and over to Tijuana, 4 people witnessed a silver-colored floating egg in the sky in the early evening of September 13, 2003. The primary eyewitness who spoke to researchers about this incident was in the car with three other people and they were all driving home from work. The young man stated, “I suddenly looked out the right window of my car and observed an egg-shaped object motionless in the air at a distance of 2 kilometers and a height of approximately 500 meters. It looked small and silvery and sometimes it gave off a luminescent glow. I watched it for 7 or 8 minutes and then it started heading south. I don’t know the speed, but it was very fast.”

To the opposite end of the republic, the next sighting of an ovoid UFO takes us to the Punta Brava beach in the seaside Mexican Caribbean town of Playa del Carmen. It was the night of May 19, 2004. The report online was made by a tourist from an undisclosed country who was staying at a resort on the beach. Standing outside his room at the resort, he gazed at the horizon over the Caribbean Sea. Suddenly, he noticed an unusual object in the sky. The object was completely silent, producing no noise whatsoever. It couldn’t have been a plane; it was moving far too slowly, and no planes had flown over the coast during the tourist’s entire visit. The ovoid craft was adorned with white lights that stretched from front to back in a straight line. These lights didn’t blink but seemed to form a line that appeared to move from back to front, all the while rotating in a circular motion. Occasionally, a red light would join the sequence, mixing in with the white lights. Intrigued and somewhat baffled, the tourist rushed inside to grab his video camera. However, by the time he returned, the egg-shaped craft had moved further down the coast. The tourist mentioned that it was fascinating to watch as it constantly changed speeds, sometimes accelerating, sometimes slowing down. Eventually, it disappeared near the island of Cozumel.

In the early morning of the first day of the year in 2005, another egg-shaped UFO appeared over Mexico and this time in the skies above the northern Mexican industrial and business hub of Monterey. A young man and two of his friends were at a bridge waiting for the sun to come up. In a very enthusiastic interview with a Mexican paranormal investigator, the young witness had this to say about his experience:

“I was just taking pictures of the night view with my digital camera, and I suddenly realized that I took a picture of UFO. It was the first day of the year 2005, well, today’s daybreak. Some of my friends and I went to the bridge preparing to see the year 2005’s first sunrise. I arrived a little bit earlier, so we were playing and taking some pictures and, suddenly, I realized that the picture I took was not a simple night view picture, but a UFO picture! It was in the shape of an egg, I don’t know how I can explain it better, but it was so strange. It had some auras of two colors. On one side it had an orange light and on the other side it had a blue light. I took various pictures without realizing that I was taking pictures of UFO. I think they were various because I took those pictures at several minute intervals. Some of my pictures show their shape vaguely, but I got a picture that shows its shape almost perfectly and that same picture I could see some other gray shapes that I thought that were effects caused by bad condition of the camera lens, but now I think differently. The camera was in perfect condition, so it had absolutely no problem with its lens, and above all those gray shapes were forming exactly the same figure as the clear one, just in different sizes. I think it was caused by the distinct distance between the camera and them. Before taking this picture, I was doubtful of the existence of UFOs, but now I am a believer.”

The sightings of egg-shaped UFOs over Mexico continue to captivate and perplex both residents and researchers alike. The consistent reports of these mysterious objects, combined with the lack of concrete explanations, only deepen the enigma. Are these UFOs advanced aircraft from other nations, visitors from other worlds, or natural phenomena that we have yet to understand? While we may not have the answers, one thing is certain: the skies over Mexico hold secrets that challenge our understanding of the universe and ignite our curiosity.


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