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Secret UFO Bases in Mexico

The internet was abuzz in the summer of 2016 with talk of a secret extraterrestrial base in the middle of the Gulf of California between the Baja California Peninsula and the Mexican “mainland.”  A researcher stumbled upon strange geometric patterns when looking at Google Maps and his photos and commentaries took on a life of their own as such things on the internet are prone to do.  The idea of an alien base at the bottom of the sea went viral and soon the story was picked up by publications as far away as the UK and Australia.  Just 4 years prior to this discovery the web was humming with a similar story about an alien base off the coast of Malibu, California and perhaps the internet hive mind was therefore open to the Mexican version.  The strange geometric formation stretched over 11 miles in the deepest part of the gulf.  American UFO researcher Scott Waring, publisher of UFO Sightings Daily was quoted as saying, “It’s huge so there’s no wonder we hear of so many UFO sightings over Mexico.”  Indeed, alleged extraterrestrial bases have been reported throughout Mexico, both off the coasts and inland, underground.  These supposed bases have gotten a lot of attention from Mexican UFO researchers and those outside the country.

Part urban legend, part UFO lore and part unexplained strangeness, ideas of alien bases throughout Mexico have been around for years.  The stories, testimonies and investigations could fill several volumes, but we will hit the highlights here.  Many UFO researchers believe that the logical place for alien bases on earth would be underwater.  In the past few decades the phenomenon of aquatic UFOs has entered the extraterrestrial theory literature as there have been many sightings of alleged craft entering or exiting large bodies of water.  As over 90% of the oceans have not been explored, underwater UFO bases would make sense and could hide enormous fleets of alien craft.  In addition to the supposed base found on Google Maps at the bottom of the Gulf of California, some Mexican researchers have theorized that an alien base exists somewhere off the coast of Baja in the Pacific, near Playas de Tijuana, just a hundred and fifty miles or so south of the base discovered off the coast of Malibu.  While no one has seen anything on the ocean floor in any sort of mapping program, researchers believe that a base is nearby just because of the large number of UFOs and other strange anomalies in and around the northern part of the Mexican state of Baja California.  The most famous of the alleged underwater extraterrestrial bases exists off the coast of Ciudad Madero a medium-sized city in the extreme southern part of the Mexican state of Tamaulipas, on the Gulf of Mexico, just south of Texas.  This alien base has a name, Amupac, and has been visited by at least one person, a local man named Juan Carlos Ramón López Díaz.  López is the head of a group called The Association for Scientific UFO Investigation of Tamaulipas, an organization of a few dozen members which investigates UFO phenomena in northeastern Mexico.  López states, “The Association is made up of professionals.  The reports we receive are taken seriously until a mental profile is made, since there are people with psychological problems who claim to have had contacts with extraterrestrials.”  López claims to have visited Amupac through astral projection after days of mental and physical preparation.  He alleges that he traveled in a ball of light a few kilometers off the coast and when he plunged into the ocean 3 beings were waiting for him to guide him through the city.  The base was made of glass and crystalline structures.  Light was everywhere but it was not the light of the sun because the city was at the bottom of the sea.  The base was staffed by tall blond beings commonly referred to as “The Nordics” in UFO lore and everyone López encountered on his trip were scientists and very cold in demeanor.  He could not give exact coordinates of this base but he did say in an interview with the newspaper El Sol de Tampico that the aliens are here to study humans, specifically how we react to situations emotionally.  According to López, there is also a great quantity in the area of a certain white powder derived from gold and platinum that the off-world visitors routinely mine.  The reason why this area of Mexico has not been hit by hurricanes in the past 60 years is also attributed to the aliens who are protecting the coast until their work is finished.  In the newspaper interview López also mentioned that this same species of extraterrestrials also operates a series of secret bases on land.  Whether he knew it or not, many of the places he mentioned have also been referenced by others.

Secret terrestrial UFO bases are usually associated with more remote areas and very few are located near large urban centers.  Prominent Mexican UFO researcher Yohanan Díaz Vargas claims that three conditions exist indicating proximity to a secret extraterrestrial base:
1.  Many UFO sightings in the area
2.  Strange creatures spotted nearby
3.  Legends or oral traditions in the area indicating something paranormal going on.
Many have linked UFO activity with Mexico’s many volcanoes and some say that alien races harness the geological energy of the volcanoes to power their hidden cities as well as their flying craft.  For more on the connection to volcanoes and UFOs in Mexico, please see Mexico Unexplained episode number 84.  Strangely enough, many of the supposed alien bases are in and around large volcanic geological formations which look much like Devil’s Tower as seen in the movie “Close Encounters of the Third Kind.”  One of these mysterious monoliths is the Peña de Bernal just outside the town of San Sebastián Bernal in the Mexican state of Querétero.  The monolith forms a natural pyramid and has been a point of curiosity ever since before the Spanish Conquest.  It is also a noted UFO “hotspot” in Mexico, with strange craft and mysterious lights in the sky.  According to the locals there is a city of “little people” inside the massive rock which leads some researchers to believe that Peña de Bernal may be a base of “The Greys” so commonly found in the UFO research.  Another location of a possible extraterrestrial base is inside another volcanic plug called Piedra del Zumate located near the town of Huasca in the Mexican state of Hidalgo just an hour and a half north of Mexico City.  The area is pretty much an untouched wilderness complete with old growth forests and plenty of wildlife.  The “high strangeness” at Zumate began in the formal written record in 1650 with a curious tale of a shepherd that made it into the documents of the Spanish Inquisition.  On June 24th of that year the man was tending his flock on the side of the mountain when he stumbled upon a cave.  He walked into the cave and when he was deep inside everything started to take on a grayish color.  The shepherd got turned around and lost his way inside the mountain and found himself inside an expansive valley with strange animals, such as bulls with one horn.  The light was different, but there was a city in the valley that shimmered in gold.  What seemed like an hour in the mountain was actually one year.  The shepherd was met by officials of the Holy Inquisition soon after telling his story to the locals.  The Inquisition proclaimed him possessed by the devil and executed him.  Since 1650 there have been other stories around Piedra del Zumate of the hidden city inside the rock, or strange orbs spotted in the sky and strange animals turning up dead in the surrounding areas.  Another possible alien base exists in the northern suburbs of Mexico City at yet another volcanic outcrop called Cerro de Chiquihuite.  The hill is studded with radio and television antennas and rumors of a secret alien base at the site began to surface in the mid-1990s when people living nearby complained of muffled sounds of heavy machinery being used in the late nights and early mornings.  Some attributed the noise to some sort of underground operation happening inside the little mountain and the rumors – and noise – have persisted since.  Some allege that the towers on the hill have multiple uses and that their transmissions are more extraterrestrial than earthly.  Cerro de Chiquihuite does have an interesting history.  The site was very important to pre-Hispanic peoples.  In fact, the stone from the massive pyramid at the center of the Aztec capital city, now known as the Templo Mayor, came from this little mountain which was on the northern shore of Lake Texcoco at the time.  The Aztecs believed that the stone from the mountain had great power and so they used it in their most important building projects.  The topic of potential extraterrestrial bases in Mexico is very extensive and there is a lot more to investigate.  Perhaps by following the advice of Mexican UFO investigator Yohanan Díaz Vargas more possible bases may be located, but without much physical evidence most of what we now have is open to much speculation and wild interpretation.

3 thoughts on “Secret UFO Bases in Mexico

  1. Yes we are these extraterrestrials! They are a part of our full merkabah which is our starship. Once we fully hook up our DNA we will indeed be able to travel to far away galaxies on unlimited adventures while holding form here in 3d if we so choose. This is hard to grasp until more fully integrated but the ET contact that so many are longing for exists inside of you. They operate in higher dimensions, it”s just a matter of consciousness that brings awareness. Even the negative ET”s are evolving at this point just like the ones we see here in 3d. They will either chose to evolve at the higher levels of their merkabahs or won”t be able to exist in the new energies permeating now throughout all dimensions and octaves which will end the destructive agendas of control and manipulation throughout our galaxy. Stay in the love and truth vibration! We are winning as all evolves or returns to source for loving reformation! WWG1WGA!!

  2. the contacts of the mexican(?) PAUL VILLA from 1963>on – https://www.galactic.to/rune/paulvilla1.html -was very interssting!! He was of the first who had good photo-proofs, but today such are of little value. (“Those beings told Villa that the whole Galaxy to which our Earth belongs is as a grain of sand on a huge beach compared to the unfathomable number of inhabited bodies in the entire Universe.
    With technological equipment aboard, their spaceships can penetrate Earth’s RADAR detection systems undetected unless they choose otherwise. It seems that their craft are constantly active over the surface of our planet, and that they plan(planned – many years ago…) more landings.
    They told Villa that they were here on a friendly mission to help Earth people, and that there is a superior ntelligence that governs the Universe and everything in it.” )

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