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Ancient Mexico and the Monuments on Mars

cydoniaposterMuch investigation has been done about Ancient Mexico’s connection to other ancient civilizations on earth.  Certain elements of physical culture lead people to believe that there was once an ancient pre-flood super civilization that spanned the oceans and it included ancient Mexico.  Some authors and investigators have suggested that the seeds of these civilizations come from somewhere else and we have all heard of the ancient astronaut theories that claim that cultures like the Olmec and the Maya had origins from faraway stars.  There are others who believe, though, that a connection to off-world cultures can be found a little closer to home, as in our own solar system.  Today we will explore what many researchers claim to be ruins on the planet Mars and their possible connection to the cultures of ancient Mexico.

Chichen Itza map temp1In this episode to discuss this topic of the Mars-Mexico connection is Max Keijzik, author of the book:  “The Crux of Cydonia; Truth, Light, & The Face on Mars.  Max’s research is meticulous and extensive.

cydoniaredOur first images from Mars come from the 1976 Viking mission.  From the orbiter we see in the photos what has been interpreted as a massive face and some supporting buildings including a huge 5-sided pyramid which is larger than the Pyramid of the Sun at Teotihuacan.  By looking at these ruins interpretively, researchers claim that they were plotted out with cosmic reference; specifically linking to Sirius, Orion and The Pleiades.  This corresponds with many ruins on earth, especially some of the major sites in ancient Mesoamerica.

How did these ruins come to be related?  Max theorizes that there was once a solar-system wide civilization that was wiped out 65 million years ago in a cataclysm and this super-civilization survived throughout history through religious traditions around the world and this is why we see so many similarities in so many remote areas of earth.

cydoniafaceMax continues to talk about the ruins and the “split face” images and their relevance to figuring out what all of this means.
Links to Max Keijzik’s work, along with dozens of illustrations of the monuments can be found here:  http://www.maxtheknife.com/

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  1. Great interview. I plan to share this info with Hoagland in case he’s unaware of the book. You should be on his show.

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