The Virgin of Guadalupe: Mother of us All

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GuadalupeImageShe appeared in 1531 on Tepeyac Hill and proclaimed “I am your mother” to the humble native man named Juan Diego.  In this podcast we explore the Virgin of Guadalupe, her relevance and her message for humanity.

Our guest for this podcast on a Skype call from Mexico is Javier Magdaleno, a 30-year Guadalupano, and a member of the Archcofraternity of the Virgin of Guadalupe, an auxiliary group attached to the Basilica of the Virgin of Guadalupe in Mexico City.  After a brief background of the apparition by the podcast host, Javier talks about the Virgin, her message and what she means in our modern day.  This is a living image of the mother of Jesus, as sanctioned by the Catholic Church, and her message is one of faith, love and harmony.  Magdaleno asserts that Our Lady of Guadalupe helped usher in a “civilization of love” to replace the fear-based ways of the previous civilizations of Mexico.  In the end, the Virgin’s message is for all humanity and anyone in need can call on her for answers.

Javier Magdaleno’s favorite books on the subject (not a formal bibliography):

Nican Mopohua by Antonio Valeriano (in Spanish)
Aqui se cuenta… el gran acontecimiento by Jose Luis G. Guerrero (in Spanish)
El secreto de sus ojos by Jose Aste Tomsmann (in Spanish)
El encuentro de la Virgen de Guadalupe y Juan Diego by Fidel Gonzalez (in Spanish)
Sugerencias Guadalupanas by Leandro H. Chitaroni (in Spanish)
El modelo pedagogico de Nuestra Senora de Guadalupe en el Nican Mopohua by Leandro H. Chitaroni (in Spanish)
Los dos mundos de un indio santo by Jose Luis Guerrero Rosado (in Spanish)
Flor y canto del nacimiento de Mexico by Jose Luis Guerrero (in Spanish)

Quick web links of interest:

Our Lady of Guadalupe in arts and crafts:

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